Multi-level token (MLT) – is a derivative structural product, based on Ethereum blockchain and has a basic asset of cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH). MLT tokens provide their holders with a right to acquire income out of ETH value increase and a coupon revenue, that is formed by the bonus program designed into the token’s smart contract algorithm and is based on the principles of Multi-level Marketing. The amount of a coupon revenue depends on volume of initial investments and on a positions of a member’s wallet within a rigidly structured network.

A part of capital (55%) acquired from the sale of tokens is invested into a cryptocurrency Ether (ETH), that automatically secures and hedges the capital. The other part is transmitted into the bonus program of ICO members whose wallets are placed 10 levels higher on a tree. The third part is a commission with which expenses, network support costs and token offering spendings are covered. The forth part of capital is spent on the Motivation Distribution Program of the ICO materials and information (Bounty pool).

The network is formed according to a “tree” principle. Every new wallet of a single member takes its place in accordance with the algorithm of a tree formation – i.e the upper unoccupied tree cell. One level down three other wallets are located of those members who bought them later, and beneath every one of those three wallets another three wallets are placed, and so on and so forth. The smart contract algorithm provides for uniform and fair allocation of all wallets on every tree branch. On each branch with every new level the number of members grows exponentially:

‣ 1 lvl – 3;
‣ 2 lvl – 9;
‣ 3 lvl – 27;
‣ 4 lvl – 81;
‣ 5 lvl – 243;
‣ 6 lvl – 729;
‣ 7 lvl – 2 187;
‣ 8 lvl – 6 561;
‣ 9 lvl – 19 683;
‣ 10 lvl – 59 049;
‣ And so forth

Your wallet will participate in the coupon program. The bonus pool of every new investment is divided equally between 10 wallets that are placed higher on the tree. After a branch, which is placed ten levels lower from a certain member’s wallet is filled-in completely, this specific member’s wallet receives 10% dividends from the bonus pool of each investment of total 88’572 members which is 3.5% of their common investment.

The lenght and width of the network is not limited.

Only 10 levels beneath any member’s wallet.

The program works only under the named conditions: tier 1, tier 2, tier 3, tier 4 or tier 5.

TIER1 – 0.05 ETH;
TIER2 – 0.1 ETH;
TIER3 – 0.2 ETH;
TIER4 – 0.5 ETH;
TIER5 – 1 ETH.
You can invest as much time, as you wish from the same wallet, our smart contract algorithm will provide you with the appropriate cell.

When ETH is transferred to the address of the smart contract, the algorithm picks up the Tier in accordance with the amount of the transfer. Please be accurate to send us the exact quantities of each tier value. Excess or inadequate amounts will be charged off and can be reimbursed through an appeal in support. Please be careful to transfer as much of ETH as is pointed in each tier program strictly.

All received funds in the corresponding one or another program will be credited to the purchase of tokens. You will receive a matching quantity of tokens. And your wallet will take the appropriate position in a particular cell of the network. The funds or part of the funds received and not equivalent to the selected program may be lost. They can be returned through a support letter.

Buying one of the programs you will receive the corresponding wallet address on our website. You can participate in different tier programs by sending us the strict amount of an announced tier volumes. 0.05ETH … 0.1ETH…etc, not more or less, cause ethereum based smart contract will not be able to recognize and put your investment into an appropriate cell.

Once you buy a token you become a member of the selected program for the entire time of its existence, regardless of whether you sell-back your token or keep it until redemption.

All wallets ever bought and participated in any investment program retain their place in network.

In this case your wallet will have several free cells of the network. Each time your wallet will occupy the topmost free cell.

The price of the token will not change. 1 MLT = 0.01 ETH / 100 MLT = 1 ETH.

Buy-back or redemption is only possible with the wallets participating in the network and only by the amount of tokens obtained either within bonus coupon program or initially purchased at the offering.

The whole mechanism of the bonus pool distribution, coupon payment, tokens buy-back and redemption is controlled and executed by a smart-contract integrated algorithm and is confirmed by the Ethereum blockchain. Neither ICO providers nor any other part has any affect onto this process.

In order to increase profitability a member can take part in the information distribution campaign about the project. Invite JUST THREE active members FOR ANOTHER THREE and your chances to fill in your branch shall gradually increase.

The capital of MLT token is protected by direct investments of 55% into one of the leading and prospective cryptocurrency assets – Ether (ETH). Most analysts expect an increase in the price of the Ether by at least 50%

Blockchain is a distributed cryptography-powered database that maintains a list of records, chained together against revision and tampering.

Smart contracts are computer protocols that automatically, verify, facilitate and enforce the performance of the contract in question.

An ERC20 token is a unit of account on the blockchain called Ethereum which is an open-source, public, blockchain-based computing platform with smart contract functionality.

Register your Ether wallet and buy the Ether (You can use our guide «HOW TO BUY ETHER»). Click buy tokens button on our website and follow the instructions.

The token sale begins 20/02/18.

Redemption of tokens begins 20/02/23. But you can sell it back any time you wish.

You can send funds from exchanges however take in mind that you need to register to provide us your ethereum address in order to receive MLT tokens. If you send funds from the exchange and do not provide us with your ethereum address we won’t be able to send you MLT tokens.

We make sure the entire ICO chain is fully secure. We balance blockchain code with the regular centralized approach: blockchain holds the bare minimum for our system to be fully trustworthy, and the servers are responsible for complex parts and interfaces. For the ICO, we use straightforward, smart contracts proven to be safe in other projects. We protect our servers from external attacks (DDoS protection, code audit) and internal attack propagation (e.g. compartmentalization and event monitoring).

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