The Turtle network is fast, supports a friendly and easy to handle wallet & the transactions fees are very low. In addition, Turtle Network has a really helpful community and great developers. TN delivers everything which MLT needs to be successful.

Yes you have to. Every person, who wants to participate either in the pre-ICO or in the ICO, according to the current laws, has to pass the KYC.

MLT team consists of the CEO and CTO who are working in public but we have more specialists, who are responsible for different parts of the project such as advisors, van engineers and van modification specialists.

No, the renting price does not include the fuel costs. The renter is responsible to refill it.

All of our cars have a fully comprehensive insurance. In case of an accident in which the customer is responsible, it will be required to cover only the first part of the compensation which is limited to $1000.

We are trying to secure parking spots less than one kilometer close to public transportation. In the future an additional service to collect you at the airport will be available for an extra fee.

Yes, our main considerations are the safety and the comfort of our customer. You will have various options to choose from some of them free of charge and some of them with an extra fee. For instance with an additional small fee you can rent a bike that you can take with you at your trip.

A token holder, who wants to rent our camper van could do that without any restrictions. On the other hand the “overnight” option will have a limit each    year depending on the availability of our vans.

Each camper van have approximately 7 square meters. That is enough to support a relaxed and comfortable trip for our guests.

Yes but nothing special. We will follow the usual procedure that every car rental company uses.