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understanding the

mobile living token

Mobile Living Token is a utility token to support their token holders with living space. Token holders are able to spent the night in camper vans for free. Holders have also the possibility to rent a camper van. We offer different discount levels. It depends how many MLToken are located in your connected TurtleNetwork wallet.

Rent Camper vans

Rent Camper vans

Its easy to lease/rent camper vans for holiday or business trips.

spend a night

spend a night

Spend free night on campervans for holding MLT token.

core solutions

Built on Turtle Network

Built on Turtle Network

By combining the knowledge of the BlackTurtle Advisors, the open collaboration of supporters & technical expertise of the developers, the BlackTurtle brand and supporting services allow for ultimate success.

Booking System

MobileLivingToken is a top notch platform running on a concept to disrupt how van rental works. The platform is built with features to record, store and retrieve booking transactions on a very safe and immutable layer.

Usable Camper Vans

Our campervans are usable and token holders could spend the nights there. The van aims to stay outside autarchic. So, the token holder could relax inside in the smart living area. Who needs a hotel room anymore?

Mobile Living Token



Project idea


Finalize idea and preparing online contents


Pre ICO on TurtleNetwork


Presentation of the prototype


Main ICO on TurtleNetwork


Airdrop of connected Token on TN


Berlin supports a minimum of 5 campervans.


The next spots will be announced.

How it works

Step 1

  • Join the ICO or buy tokens on TN DEX
  • Get an account on our booking system and connect your TN-address with your booking account

Step 2

  • The connected TN-address must have at least one MLToken to have free access to a camper van
  • Check the booking system for free time slots
  • Book the camper van
  • This option is available for a max. of 50 days every year and 7 days in a row for every token holder.

Step 3

  • Enjoy the time in a unique MLToken camper van
  • Pay a cleaning fee at the end of your stay (0.02 MLT)*

about our parking


The first spot is Berlin. It will be situated close to the airport Berlin Schönefeld, in the south of Berlin. Other spots will be implemented later. The community will be able to vote. Therefore, a community token connected to MLToken will be airdropped to all token holders of MLToken.


team members

Tony Wildt

Tony Wildt

Founder & CEO
Lucky Henry

Lucky Henry


what others are

saying about us



CEO, MyTrackNet

With digital nomads population increasing exponentially every year, I believe that projects like MLT can achieve great growth in the near future. Good luck with your effort, Mytracknet is waiting for your MVP!



Founder, Zoe'

I’m with Tony from the beginning of his idea until now and I saw how many work, love, knowledge and enthusiasm he put in this project, I wish Tony and his team all the best to bring MLT to success.



CEO, Hellenic Node Project

Mobile Living Token will be revolutionary combining accommodation , traveling and crypto all in one.